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Episode 008: Personalized Video Messaging with Matt Barnett

Matt Barnett

I talk with Matt Barnett, CEO of Bonjoro, in this episode about the power of personalized video messaging. We talk about the future of personalized marketing and best practices to make your prospects sit up and take notice when you reach out personally.

A British Industrial designer, Matt moved to Australia looking to surf and start a tech company. After a couple of false-starts, Bonjoro was born from a sales hack for his first business. Matt’s love of building great products is only surpassed by his total commitment to building great business culture; his goal to be the next Zappos.

  • February 24, 2020

Episode 007: Enterprise SaaS with Gregory Giagnocavo

Gregory Giagnocavo

This episode of the show focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities of the enterprise sale. Gregory Giagnocavo, founder of Ratefinity, talks about how they identified an opportunity in telecom and have leveraged it. He discusses the unique lead generation and sales process associated with enterprise sales. His design principle is focused on understanding the workflow of the end user – even if that’s not something the software buyer is familiar with.

Gregory has been involved in a variety of businesses as founder or co-founder for 30 years. He’s developed $100M of commercial properties, founded and sold Internet and telecom ventures. His latest venture is Ratefinity a service for telecom companies.

  • February 17, 2020

Episode 006: Time-Saving Content Creation with Brandan Fisher

Brandan Fisher, the founder of LIVEpigeon, talks about how he branched out his video production firm into a software service. His SaaS offering is about saving time and getting control of your schedule back, so he shares his feelings about the future of content creation and the importance of batching your work. His design principle is about identifying and matching your customers’ schedule. Through that, he’s built up a powerful and popular tool that’s been growing for the last 2.5 years.

Brandan owns a video production company FishDawg Productions. He has done videos for ClickFunnels and other top entrepreneurs in the internet marketing space. He is the founder and creator of a software company LIVEpigeon. LIVEpigeon was created over 2.5 years ago. coupon code: SAASCX for 20% off

  • February 10, 2020

Episode 005: Video Editing with Chris Carmichael

Chris Carmichael

In this episode, I talk with Chris Carmichael, the founder of VlogEasy. He talks about his journey from Snapchat influencer to SaaS founder. We discuss how he designed VlogEasy and how his view of the future of content marketing shaped the customer experience. He talks about the design principle of “heads up display” as a way of making the software easier to use.

Chris is a former Snapchat influencer turned video app entrepreneur. After leaving his 200 thousand Snapchat followers back in 2015, he’s been working to build apps for the video space. After years of hard work, he’s now launched VlogEasy.

  • February 3, 2020