Episode 031: Worker Productivity and Connectivity with Brad Palmer

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Productivity seems to always be on our minds – especially as of late. Our guest for this episode of the SaaS CX Show is Brad Palmer, CEO of Jostle. Brad’s company specializes in creating custom-made intranet solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We discuss how Jostle’s model has been so influential over the years, and how that has translated to a lower customer churn rate. He also help maximize productivity of employees. Here are some of the highlights.

Boosting Intranet Usage – Context and Relevance

If you look at Jostle’s success, the brand regularly has five times the engagement of its intranets over the competition. However, when you look at some of the reasons why it becomes blatantly apparent.

Jostle focuses on connectivity and productivity.
Brad Palmer

All too often, companies believed that an intranet had to be a single entity for everyone within the organization. The reality, though, is that individuals want customized information. For example, why should the sales team get a notification related to engineering? Why should U.S.-based workers see details for crews in Canada?

Overall, Jostle succeeds in two ways – by making content relevant and providing the right context at all times . Data can be parceled out by department and by individual so that no one is getting extraneous information. Not only that, but as a person looks something up within the intranet (i.e., a document or video file), that item comes complete with all of the necessary context. That context can be who made it, who edited it last, and where it’s being stored.

These elements make Jostle a SaaS customer service company as well as a vital tool for any workplace. No wonder engagement is through the roof.

How Coronavirus Has Made Remote Work a Reality

Living in the age of a pandemic has revealed a lot of truths that weren’t readily apparent before. One of the most disruptive has been the need for adapting employees to a remote style of work. Almost overnight, businesses who decried the value of remote workers are discovering that it’s not as dire as they believed. Thanks to SaaS products like Jostle, more and more enterprises are seeing that communication and growth are still possible when employees are not in the same building.

According to Brian, this shift has only been a boon to his company’s bottom line. While Jostle has always had high engagement rates (usually around 85 percent), that number has gone up substantially in recent weeks. What will be interesting to see is how long-term these solutions wind up being.

Remote work
Even with distractions like kids, workers can get more done at home. Ironically, it’s because of the lack of time that employees have to focus when they are able to work.

Productivity and Remote Work – the Future of the Workplace

The ramifications of this pandemic are going to be widespread and far-reaching. In fact, it’s almost impossible to predict how everything will play out once life gets back to normal. However, for Brad, the feasibility of an intranet is likely going to become a significant component of the post-corona workplace.

Some of the reasons for this prediction include productivity, communication, and integration.

Higher Productivity

Even with distractions like kids, workers can get more done at home. Ironically, it’s because of the lack of time that employees have to focus when they are able to work. Essentially, individuals can work fewer hours while accomplishing the same workload (or more).

Better Communication

One reason why companies resist the idea of remote teams is that they believe in-person interactions are more valuable somehow. However, the reality is that being isolated forces workers and managers to communicate more often. Just as productivity per hour increases, so does communication. Because individuals can’t randomly chat around the water cooler, they have to be more deliberate about their interactions.

Smoother Integration

Programs like Jostle make it easy to have conversations with groups and one-on-one. The system is fully customizable to fit a variety of needs, all without sacrificing quality or operational efficiency. As companies begin to realize this, they will learn to embrace intranet technology as a tool, not a liability.

We talk more about Jostle and intranets in this episode, so check it out here. Brad also illustrates how his customer retention strategy is helping his business reach new heights. Sure, the coronavirus certainly helped, but they were already capable before it hit. You can find out more about Brad and his team at www.jostle.me.

  • May 6, 2020
Frank Bria

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