Episode 035: Search Engine Optimization with Geoff Atkinson

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The Search Engine Optimization industry is worth around 95 billion dollars, but it is dominated with agencies and service-based companies that try to tackle a problem they just cannot solve, granting this industry an NPS score of 0. This episode of the SaaS CX show I talk with Geoff Atkinson, founder and CEO of Huckabuy, as he introduces his company’s technical-based solution to this industry’s core problem.

Search Engine Optimization- How to Get it Right

For small and big companies alike, Search Engine Optimization can become one of their core ways they receive website traffic, and in turn create new customers and clients. So why then are there so many service-based agencies that leave customers dissatisfied at every turn?

Search engine optimization with Huckabuy and Geoff Atkinson
Geoff Atkinson

As I discussed with Geoff, it seems that the one thing these service agencies cannot get right is that they just do not understand or have the tools necessary to work with Search Engine Optimization. You can only do so much with marketers and advertising specialists, Geoff and I concluded. To truly get satisfactory and real results you need to take a technical-based approach, instead of having marketers and employees outsource jobs that they do not understand, which leads to a not optimal work force.

How Huckabuy Changes the Industry

I talked to Geoff about what his company, Huckabuy, is doing to clean up the Search Engine Optimization industry.

Search Engine Optimization
Software-based solutions are the key to Search Engine Optimization.

Huckabuy specializes in creating software that can be installed to create Search Engine Optimization. Because the fundamentals of this industry are technology-based, there are many technical roadblocks typical agencies run into that they are not equipped to handle, some of which could make your website unqualified for over 50 percent of search volume.

His company also aims to be more upfront and honest, as an NPS score of 0 speaks for itself when it comes to this industry’s loyalty and satisfaction ratings. Huckabuy aims on being more communicative to their clients, to show them how they are helping and what it means to create an optimal website.

Huckabuy’s two scalable products: Structured Data and SEO Cloud, have helped their average client grow at an average of 62% over a 12-month period. They aim to be transparent with their technology and give every client a positive experience on-boarding. These two products handle all google traffic and within an average of two weeks delivers their clients an optimized website that aligns with search engine traffic.

The Google Algorithm and Customer Success

Many agencies in the industry make claims that all you need for Search Engine Optimization is really good content, choosing to ignore algorithms from search engines like Google. However, as we discussed with Geoff it seems that working with instead of fighting against these algorithms is key to an optimal website.

Huckabuy tries to be predictive with the macro trends that Google follows, allowing their company to stay ahead of the tide instead of being washed to shore like so many agencies after Google’s constant algorithmic updates. It seems aligning yourself with the algorithm is key to a smooth, constant transition for your clients’ optimization.

As Geoff and I discussed, there are always potential problems that come from specializing in Search Engine Optimization software. One he has found is the difficulty definitely showing their customers just how much their software has grown their website and traffic.

Huckabuy’s goal this year, Geoff said, is to develop a mechanism and work on how to communicate to their clients Huckabuy’s software has contributed to their growth.

In this episode we talk a lot more about Search Engine Optimization, so check out the episode here. And if you want to learn more about Geoff Atkinson or get in touch with his company, you can learn more at Huckabuy.com. Also, if you use their Contact Us form and mention this episode of the SaaS CX podcast, you will receive a discount on their services.

  • May 20, 2020
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