SaaS Lead Generation with LinkedIn

As a SaaS owner, you know that the key to growth lies in lead generation. However, while this element is crucial for success, it’s much easier said than done. Many companies want to leverage the largest B2B social media platform for prospecting, but how do you make SaaS lead generation with LinkedIn work? All too often, companies come up against obstacles without a clear understanding of how to get around them.

So, with that in mind, we want to discuss some of the ways you can maximize your lead generation potential on LinkedIn. We talked with Adrian Boysel, founder, and CEO of Lead Butler. His software focuses on turning LinkedIn into a lead generator, which is not an easy task. However, in developing his program, he learned a few things, which can help you with your business.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Automation

A big part of SaaS lead generation with LinkedIn is automating your processes and drip campaigns. While this is helpful – there are only so many hours in the day – it shouldn’t be all-encompassing. In marketing, there are what are known as touchpoints – places within your sales funnel where the right interaction can move the lead to the next step.

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The trick is to find these touchpoints and rely on old-fashioned relationship building and engagement. Show your leads that you’re more than just a computer program with a variety of templates. For Adrian, what helps his business thrive is that he has people crafting customized messages for clients. While automation helps his team curate lists, it’s simply a foundational tool for one-on-one interactions.

Be Focused and Direct With Your Messaging

All too often, businesses believe that prospecting on LinkedIn requires them to develop some kind of “hook” for their audience. Perhaps it’s an anecdote or personal story, or it’s an opening paragraph that illustrates the need for your product.

SaaS lead generation with LinkedIn works best when you're looking for an authentic, real connection
SaaS lead generation with LinkedIn works best when you’re looking for an authentic, real connection.

Unfortunately, your leads don’t have time to read any of that, nor are they interested in it. Instead of trying to wow the person right off the bat, start with something straightforward. For Adrian, his cold message is along the lines of “I want real connections; if you do too, then add me.” Short and sweet.

The best way to think of it is that your initial message is to get a response, not to sell them on a product or your brand. Focus on the why of their response. Is it to get discounts and deals? Is it to save them time and money down the road? Distill your message into its fundamental element and use that as your pitch. The rest can come later. SaaS lead generation with LinkedIn works best when you’re focused and direct.

Curate Your Lists Well

Which is better – to have a massive list of 1000 subscribers or a curated list of 100? Before you answer, what if we told you that the number of responses was the same? If you’re only going to get 10 or 20 replies, then it’s actually better to have a smaller, more targeted list. That way, your capture rate is much higher.

One challenge that Adrian and his team faces is that Lead Butler will generate lists, but not everyone on it is a winner. You need to update and curate your records so that you can focus your attention on the leads that matter most. Yes, it will take time, but it’s a valuable investment in your growth.

SaaS Lead Generation with LinkedIn Can Be Both Authentic and Efficient

In short, you don’t have to sacrifice authenticity with efficiency. We talk a lot more about SaaS lead generation with LinkedIn in the latest episode of the SaaS CX Show, which you can find here. Lead generation only works as well as the people behind it. Make sure you’re putting the right energy where it counts.

  • April 7, 2020
Frank Bria

Frank Bria is the author of the internationally bestselling book Scale: How to Grow Your Business by Working Less and founder of High-Ticket Program, a strategy firm dedicated to scaling B2B service businesses. A trained mathematician and systems engineer, he launched several fintech startups in the advanced analytics space. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies and multinational tech firms on quantitative marketing solutions including AI and predictive analytics. Now he works with SaaS companies leveraging advanced analytics to improve customer experience and retention. Frank is the host of The 6 to 7 Figures Show and The SaaS CX Show podcasts. He lives in Phoenix, AZ.

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