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  • Episode 019: Effective Sales Process in Banking with Neil Stanley
    Neil Stanley talks with us about how today the average banking consumer is much savvier than in decades past. Rather than relying on a teller or manager to know everything, a new sales process is needed that recognizes customers can do the research themselves before walking into a branch.
  • Episode 018: Better Sales through Sales Analytics with Todd Abbott
    In this episode of the SaaS CX Show, I’m talking with Todd Abbott, COO of InsightSquared. This software enables businesses and managers to streamline the biggest time suck – data entry. InsightSquared can take information and distill into processes and best practices, cutting down on analytics substantially. We talk a lot about how his system and AI, in general, can help companies in their quest for a better customer experience.
  • Episode 017: Successful CRM through Sellsation with Thomas Kattnigg
    In this episode of the SaaS CX Show, I’m talking with Thomas Kattnig, CEO of Sellsation. Thomas and his team have created a highly capable CRM program that delivers results and has very little churn. In fact, according to Thomas, Sellsation has a 95-percent customer retention rate!
  • Episode 016: Smart Office Transforms Contracting with Tom Coffin
    In today’s episode of the SaaS CX show, I’m talking with Tom Coffin, founder, and CEO of Simply Reliable. The company’s flagship program is Smart Office, which enables contractors and other businesses to bring together so many different aspects of their business in one easy-to-use tool. I talked with him about his journey and what he’s learned along the way.
  • Episode 015: Travel Platforms with Mike Volpe
    Today, I’m speaking with Mike Volpe, CEO of, a corporate travel platform that has been making big waves within the industry. We discuss how Lola has become such a beloved program and how their success can help businesses create better travel packages for employees.
  • Episode 014: User Management with Brian Pontarelli
    In this episode, I’m talking with Brian Pontarelli, founder and CEO of FusionAuth, to see why user management is such a high-market area.