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  • Episode 035: Search Engine Optimization with Geoff Atkinson
    The Search Engine Optimization industry is worth around 95 billion dollars, but it is dominated with agencies and service-based companies that try to tackle a problem they just cannot solve, granting this industry an NPS score of 0. This episode of the SaaS CX show we talk with Geoff Atkinson, founder and CEO of Huckabury, as he introduces his company’s technical-based solution to this industry’s core problem.
  • Episode 033: Sales and Marketing Coordination with Randy Wootton
    On the surface, it would certainly seem that sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin. What we really want to create is sales and marketing coordination. However, in reality, there is usually some extreme division between those on either side, to the point where it almost seems like they’re on two different paths. In this episode of the SaaS CX Show, I talk with Randy Wootten, president and CSO of Seismic.
  • Episode 034: Great Project Lifecycle Automation with Mark Robinson
    In this episode we discussed with Mark Robinson about Kimble Applications is a project automation system that helps SaaS companies figure out how to anticipate needs and address them efficiently
  • Episode 031: Worker Productivity and Connectivity with Brad Palmer
    Our guest for this episode of the SaaS CX Show is Brad Palmer, CEO of Jostle. Brad’s company specializes in creating custom-made intranet solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We discuss how Jostle’s model has been so influential over the years, and how that has translated to a lower customer churn rate. He also help maximize productivity of employees.
  • Episode 027: Virtual Interviews and Hiring with Matt Baxter
    In today’s episode Matt Baxter discussed that with coronavirus turning the world upside down, everything is becoming virtual – including virtual interviews.
  • Episode 030: Identity Fraud with Adam Elliott
    In the United States, individuals can put a freeze on their credit score, which means that no one can run a check or open an account without substantial verification. This would avoid identity fraud.